Missions Training

World Missions Faith Training School

our vision

To educate and train those who have a desire to become missionaries and/or who want to promote and support missions in the local church.

The vision for such a school was given by God to Pastor Barry Silverback, International Missions Director of CRC Churches International and Principal of the WMFTS. It is his heart to provide an opportunity to all those who have a desire to become missionaries or those who want to increase the concern and fervor through prayer for world evangelization among all Christians, beginning in their local church. This school offers direction and purpose to those who desire to see missions take a more prominent place within their own lives and the life of their church.

our heart

Servanthood, Submission and Faith are essential to effective missionary service and are the major characteristics we seek to implant and develop in the student’s lives.


The whole concept of serving is based on Jesus’ example of Servant-hood. Every person seeking to serve as a missionary on any field should have the attitude expressed in this statement “I have come to serve you”.


A high level of submission to God, to appointed leaders and their vision is absolutely essential in working alongside and under national leadership in other lands.


We teach each student the importance of seeking God in believing prayer for their needs and the needs of the ministry they are called to, learning to trust and patiently wait upon God and be persistent in faith and prayer through all situations until the answer comes.

We will call on our most experienced CRC Ministers & missionaries, from within PNG and overseas who have excelled in spiritual leadership and Mission to lecture. These men and women of faith will help the students to maximize their potential and passion for World Missions

our course

A balanced presentation of Biblical truths in practical ways.

  • A burden for missions
  • Great opportunities for learning the missions principle of the Bible
  • An understanding of the needs of the world-wide mission movement
  • The knowledge for building mission-based support groups in the home or church
  • A wide range of Missions subjects and activities

Some subjects covered include:

  • Spiritual Authority
  • How To Recognize God’s Voice
  • Principles of Preaching
  • Vision For The Nations!
  • History of Christianity
  • Go Make Disciples
  • Launch Out!
  • Deep Sea Canoe (history of South Pacific missions)
  • Normal Christian Worker
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Assigned Reading
  • Personal Experience Of Missionaries
  • Principles Of Leadership
  • Missions Video Teaching
  • Missions Trip Research Project
  • World Major Religions
  • Cross cultural ministry.
  • Living Faith
  • How to conduct a short term missions school
  • How to conduct missions awareness seminars
  • A talk by Ps. Barry Silverback