Childrens Ministry

School Assistance Program

Many children living in the Philippines live well below the poverty level and have limited access to educational opportunities. Families are often large and poor and have no way to send their children to School.

In 8 different locations, the CRC is financially assisting over 200 children to attend public schools. There are many opportunities to share the Gospel with them and minister into their families. Our workers meet with the children on a weekly basis, liaise with the teachers and conduct monthly parents meetings. Progress of the children is carefully monitored to provide the maximum support and encouragement.

Joy Time Clubs & Feeding Programs

On a regular basis, outreach programs are conducted by the CRC, especially in the poor settlements of the Philippines. Hundreds of children gather in various locations to enjoy bible study, drama and singing. Basic meals are prepared to feed the children. This program has opened many homes for Bible study in a predominantly Catholic nation.

Preschools & Learning Centre

One effective strategy to reach families with the Gospel in Fiji has been through the establishment of quality Preschools. All over the world, parents understand the importance of education. The CRC is providing finance for salaries and resources to support this program.

ARK (Always Remember Kids)

A weekly program is held at Bethel Centre, Port Moresby, in PNG. Gathering children from the poor settlement areas, out workers and bible school students reach out to them through stories, drama music and activities. A feeding program is part of the outreach.