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Solomon Islands

Prior to 1985 a number of short term visits had been made to Solomon Islands by various PNG personnel but in March 1985 CRC PNG sent her first missionaries Ps. Kila & Poka Laena and their family to Honiara.

Later, Ps. Suckling Tamanabae and Ps. Aria Hegame and their families also served as PNG missionaries to Solomons.

In 1988, 15 students from various parts of the Solomons, arrived at Bethel Centre, PNG - some to do Institute of Evangelism, others to study at Bethel Bible College. To date more than 30 Solomon Islanders have trained at Bethel, most returning after their graduation, with several staying on to serve on Training staff and in the local church for an extended period.

In 1997, Nathan Poloso returned to the Solomons to work with missionaries from New Zealand to help set up our CRC Ministry Training Centre on the island of Malaita, which has been mainly supported by our New Zealand brethren. Due to political unrest the School was closed for a period and then in 2001 Ps. Robin & Jackie Atenifabe (PNG) took over the leadership of the School . After the 12th graduation in November 2008, Ps. Robin and his family will return to PNG and the School will come under national leadership.

More than ten CRC churches have been planted throughout the nation with our main base being in Honiara where Ps. Nathan (Sol) & Lydia(PNG) Poloso, both graduates of Bethel Bible College, have been leading the work. Lency Piva with his PNG wife Idau, has made a significant contribution to the work at Bethel Centre, for many years particularly in the creative arts & youth ministries, as director for Scripture Union and more recently with the No Apologies – Aids awareness programme. Following his graduation from BBC in 1996, Ps. Jimmy Vasula & his family trained in Australia (Adelaide) before returning to PNG as missionaries. They have been faithfully serving in the Finance department at Bethel for the past 10 years. Merrilyn Jaruka, originally from Kokoda in Oro Province, PNG has been serving as a missionary to the local church at Buala on the island of Isobel for six years and John O'Ring from the Southern Highlands, PNG has been serving in various locations in Solomons since 2006. In 2009 he will pioneer a new work on the Reef Islands.

Field Facilitators

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